Washington & Oregon Coast Road-Trip

Washington & Oregon Coast Road-Trip

The Road-Trip Itinerary (Washington & Oregon Coast) 

[by Lexi Hidalgo]

This trip was a dream come true for me, I fell in love with every part of this adventure.

As you read this itinerary and plan your road trip, please note that there is meant to be room for adventure and spontaneity. These trip outlines are meant to be rough outlines with ideas and dope locations to visit and places to stay.  


Also note, 

For the most part, we roadtrip glamping style. Some of these airbnbs will be tents, trailers or domes. Which means a porta potty, not too much service and changing in the car sometimes. Personally, that's my favorite part about these trips and I encourage everyone to experience it.


Enjoy your trip through the PNW :)


Step one will be to book your rental car & flights 

  • You will book your rental car from the airport you fly into and you will return it at the airport you fly out of 

DAY 1:

  • Fly into Seattle, WA
  • Explore downtown Seattle, WA 

 We just parked in a parking garage, walked around, grabbed food at a cute restaurant we found and ice cream at Salt & Straw. Seattle is an incredible city to explore, next time we will definitely explore even more. 




YURT in Seattle WA 

This airbnb was so perfect for us. It had one bed, a couch and a mattress that we placed on the floor. We traveled as 4 and were just able to fit in. I wouldn't recommend anything more than that! 




DAY 2: 

  • Spend your morning in downtown Seattle
    • Pike Place Market, The famous gum wall


  • Drive to Mt. Rainier National Park 2.5 HOUR DRIVE
  • Explore Mt. Rainier National Park
  • Sunset at Mt. Fremont lookout trail 

(5.7 Mile trail) (moderate)


  • Stay in PACKWOOD, WA

Again, downtown Seattle holds a special place in my heart! Pike Place Market was so cool to walk around, shop and experience. Catch a fish at the fish market too! We didn't make it to the gum wall, but we regretted it & you need to go. National Parks are my favorite thing about these road-trips. Each national park can be a trip of its own, if you have extra time to spare I will always suggest a couple days and a couple trails at National Parks. We only had time for one at Mount Rainier and it was the most incredible thing I’ve done in a LONG time. Be prepared to hike, it's a long one, not too difficult though! Bring water and bring layers, it gets chilly up there! There will be tons of people so don't fret about walking in the dark, just make sure you bring a flashlight. We started the trail a couple hours before the sunset so we wouldn't miss it and our timing was perfect! P.S: PACK SNACKS! 



CABIN in Packwood, WA 

This was voted our favorite Airbnb! You will have to find it in the dark because your hike doesn't end until after sunset! It is the most beautiful river cabin, be prepared to have a morning of bliss, take in every second in this place. This airbnb had two beds and a couch downstairs with tons of open space!




DAY 3: (9/25)

  • Drive to Astoria, Oregon (AM) 4 HOUR DRIVE

(where the Goonies was filmed)

  • Do the Astoria Wonderground Tour (This can be set up with your Airbnb owner)


  • Sunset @ Cannon Beach 40 MIN FROM ASTORIA


  • Dinner, vibes, exploring in Astoria - Unique town, really cool bridge 
  • Stay the night in ASTORIA, OR 

Astoria quickly became one of my favorite towns. I chose this town because it was perfectly along the route and it was where the goonies were filmed but I did not expect it to blow my mind the way it did. The airbnb is cool and unique in itself but just wait until you hear about the history. There's so much to explore: bars, vintage shops, piers & coffee shops and just a few miles south you’ll find cannon beach. The most beautiful beach I have ever stepped foot on, go here for sunset, get some pizza and head back to your Airbnb and take a sauna shower.



Astoria Wunderground Experience in Astoria, OR 

Personally, it is my favorite stay. The most uniquely vintage place you will ever step foot in. At first you may be confused, then after you take the tour, everything will make sense. I describe it as the aesthetic that makes no sense, but somehow makes perfect sense.




DAY 4:

  • Drive to Oregon Dunes 5 HOURS 

Stop at:

  • Devil's Punchbowl 
  • Along the coast 
  • Stay the night in DOME


 Today will be a day for adventure as you head down the coast, stop at every beautiful cliff and drive through every cute town.  We got a bit off track and didn't hit the dunes but instead hit some bars and stopped at Tillamook Creamery for a grilled cheese on our way to the dome.  This is where you can personalize your road trip, don't be afraid to do a little bit of everything. Be spontaneous. 




Tide's Reach of the Umpqua - Dome houses for Rent in Douglas County, Oregon, United States - Airbnb 

This stay was SICK. We arrived at night and it was definitely a difficult find so I recommend getting there in the daytime! The dome is on a river and there are kayaks if you want to go adventuring. You will be using a portapotty and outdoor shower but its clean I promise 



DAY 5: 

  • Drive to Toketee Falls (Early AM) 3 HOUR DRIVE 


  • Spend the day 
  • Hike the falls

(Easy hikes, lots to explore)

  • Stay the night in CAMPER

This was a personal favorite day! Stop along the road at every restaurant and bathroom you find because they are few and far between! Today I recommend checking into your Airbnb first and get a waterfall map and a map of the area you're in! This Airbnb is in its own little community and its the only one around for miles.  There's about 22 different waterfalls along the river and you can decide which to go to. We checked our Toketee Falls (Beautiful to take photos of) and Watson Falls (The most magical falls to stand under) Watson Falls was my personal favorite, definitely go here! Tokatee was beautiful but it could be a skip if you want to try out another one. Since you're in the middle of nowhere these hikes will be pretty secluded, makes it feel extra special.



Cute 1950's Inspired Retro Large Camper - Campers/RVs for Rent in Douglas County, Oregon, United States - Airbnb 

Such a sweet spot. Next door is a gas station with only two pumps from 1962, which I think is the coolest thing. We grabbed a bunch of snacks, lunchables, and hot pockets and ate dinner on our porch at sunset 



DAY 6: 

  • Drive to Samuel H Boardman State Park (Early AM) 4 ISH HOURS
  • Get to Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor 
  • Spend the day exploring 
    • Whaleshead Beach
    • Natural Bridges 
    • Secret Beach 
    • Hiking 
  • Stay the night in BROOKINGS

This is another day for adventure, along the drive this day you will want to pull over at tons of spots, and please do it, the coast is mesmerizing. As you drive along the coast this day you will come to Samuel H Boardman State Scenic Corridor, which feels like its own national park. There are TONS of hikes and trails you can do here. I encourage you to do your own research before going and evaluate what catches your eye the most. There are long intense trails and easy level ones as well. TikTok was my best friend when it came to finding out where to stop along the corridor. Secret Beach was a goal of ours however we ran out of time before dark, so we caught sunset at Whaleshead beach instead!  




Harris Beach Bungalow, Ultimate Coastal Getaway - Houses for Rent in Brookings, Oregon, United States - Airbnb 

This will sadly be your final spot. It's clean and cozy with a real shower and tons of space to get yourself packed and situated if you’re ending your trip here.


DAY 7:

  • Drive to Medford, OR  (Early AM) 2.5 HOURS
  • Drop off your rental car
  • Fly home

Overall this trip was a life changing one for me. As someone who spent my whole life without mountains or experiencing seasons, to have a taste of both of things taught me a lot. These hikes and trails gave me a sense of purpose but also the epiphany that we worry too much about the little things. We worry about what our body looks like without realizing not a soul in this world cares nor notices. All of those inferior feelings disappear in the mountains. It’s  just you and nature, connected at last. Being atop the mountains or amidst the tallest of trees allows you to feel small, allows you to simply exist, and feel the peace of it. These are the moments the need to hustle fades and the need to connect grows stronger. I encourage everyone to do this road trip, with an open mind, and with people you love. Be willing to feel, understand and evolve and it will impact you the same way it impacted me 


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